Секреты игровых автоматов

Program Analizator Gaminator for slot machines

Секреты игровых автоматов, Способы выиграть, взлом игровых автоматов

Секретный способ выиграть на игровых автоматах: "Удаленный доступ"

Селектор — универсальное устройство и работает на всех версия игровых автоматов Новоматик.

Сим-модуль — работает только под одной определенной версией прошивки и микса.

Селектор — занижает процент отдачи во время деактивации бага (когда баг не активен).

Сим-модуль — не может работать с пониженным процентом.

Селектор — можно установить в замен того что установлен в игровом автомате (сегодня примерно 99% игровых автоматов содержат процент селектор для снижения процента отдачи).

Сим-модуль — вероятность работы в игровом автомате где установлен процент селектор равен нулю. Современные процент селектора блокируют работу игрового автомата если сим-модуль содержит изменения (в нашем случае баг).

Селектор — инсталлирует баг во все игры в установленном аппарате.

Сим-модуль — инсталлирует баг только на одной игре.

Селектор — не возможно доказать что в нем установлен баг, его не возможно прочитать и выявить какие либо изменения в программе.

Сим-модуль — легко выявляется установленный баг, в большинстве случаях даже не вынимая модуль из игрового автомата, простым тестом контрольной суммы, которая покажет не соответствие.

В любом случае один универсальный селектор заменяет все существующие баговые модули (для игровых автоматов от 5.5-0 до 5.8-7 версий прошивок).

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Secret ways how to win on the popular slot machines

Is bound to come a time when those who are often is chopped in gaming machines begin to reflect over, how to find some tricky way to start a to consistently win joins in machines.
I'm exactly sure almost everyone has heard such rumors about how one person knows the reception to compel every gaming machine to give him big winnings.
The main thing that you need to be aware of and internalize truth — does not happen secret to force the a one-armed robber give you to win greater than it declared in the settings.
The real secrets slot machines — as them still name "the bugs" actually exist and which are specially designed by hackers and are entered in the main program of gaming machines.

About such ways of you can learn more on my website in other sections.

Currently existing secrets of slot machines can be divided into two categories: thought up "programmers hackers" and constructed on a method introduction secret bookmarks into the program slot machine.
Secrets pertaining to the first group, always are profitable, but solely those who their and offers a.
Perfect working method to consistently win on the devices gives only only method — occurs when changes in the software.

In the case where on any slot machine for a substitution of one of native modules or chips on a similar but already with firmware bug, get the opportunity to manipulate the return of wins.

Now, when you learn more about the secret way of cracking gaming slot machines, winnings becomes the action of technology.

With us you can buy such the program with a bug to start winning on popular slot machines .

You are guaranteed to get a great result, if you buy the device with modified software.
Yes, our recipes are provide for interference in the work machine, but if you are at least once, replace the device in the machine, will be able to outplay him constantly enriching your pocket whenever you want!е!

Simm-Flash modules for Novomatic Gaminator Admiral

Sim flash module is designed to store the program algorithm (including graphics and sound effects) of the gaming machine Novomatic Gaminator Admiral.
Depending on the version of of the gaming machine, simm-modules can be one or two. In multi-game machines-Gaminator them basically two in Single Game — Admiral respectively one.
In Novomatic slot machines be one more memory module (smaller in size), he plays the role of RAM, the similarity of RAM PC.
More interesting are precisely those simm-modules, where the main program with math gameplay. For introduction in program of the gaming machine virus code (bug), we need this particular flash sim module.
Program with a bug — name the firmware bugs . because it is written to the module using a special device — a programmer. The recorded module firmware bugs need to set to a slot machine exchange of the native, and thus run the virus code in the algorithm. After that, you can already get consistently winning on this machine at any time.
For creating module with a bug is required to determine firmware version of the gaming machine!

Percentage selector for Novomatic Gaminator slot machines Admiral

Percentage selector for slot machines is a device for adjusting the winning percentage return results in a wider range than is laid down in the algorithm of the gaming machines. That is world standard for slot machines is the limit value from 88% to 98%. Percentage selector allows to reduce the lower limit of 50%. After installation of the selector machine become "greedy." .
Percentage selector is set to a special connector on the processor board of the gaming machine Novomatic Gaminator Admiral.

Bugs percentage selector or how else to name — Percentage selector with a bug, is the reverse device. That is reverse, can the right time to increase the upper limit of return slot machines up to 1000%. The lowest limit of 50% remains unchanged.
Then again, the upper limit is increased only when activated (turned on), a bug, a special combination of clicks on line and betor by other ways.

Selector with bugs is a universal device and will work with all version of slot machines: Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral, Hot Spot Platinum and Cobra!

Key picklock for slot machines

Key picklock for slot machines is a universal opening device, not burglary, namely accurate door unlock with round lock.
In this case, you can open the front door how slot machines, and all internal the locks "block with electronics" or "stacker banknotes."
Key picklock does not leave any any marks or scratches both the hacking techniques, ie similarly if you open your own lock (native) key. To configure the lockpicks need a little time to unlock the door, at operating skill this can amount to no more than 5 — 10 seconds.
There are several different combinations lock picks, from a simple and cheap to more sophisticated and expensive. The principle of operation is identical for all and is based on the determination of the hardness of the springs in the lock. Which option you choose, will have to give another brush cheap and they begin to work better than expensive.

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