Разработка онлайн игры, программирование игр на C, Java, Sigma Software

Онлайн игры и платформы игрового ПО

Boss Media (now a part of GTECH G2) is a leading developer of innovative software and systems for digitally distributed gaming entertainment.

Sigma Software’s first assignment was to develop an online Flash game client application within a very limited time frame. We developed a Flash Poker game client from scratch in just seven months. It has now been installed for a number of Boss Media clients and our team is constantly working on new releases. Starting with the Flash Poker, the project Sigma Software Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT), in cooperation with Sigma Kudos Sweden, became a highly reliable resource extension for the customer, providing its services to the customer’s projects since 2006.

A team of 15+ specialists currently works on several of the customer’s projects on the premises of Sigma Software, carrying out support & maintenance, development, graphic design and testing:

  • The Poker team developed a Flash Poker game client from scratch in seven months and constantly works on new releases. The solution is designed for online gaming operators and can be customized for each client.
  • The Casino team develops desktop casino games (roulette, video poker, black-jack, etc.). Users can download and install the casino client application and play games in two modes: just for practice or for real money. Desktop casino is a client-server product which is customized for each specific gaming operator. Customized casino software components are normally installed on customers’ servers, so the gaming operator purchases the complete casino gaming solution.
  • The back office application development team develops and integrates applications that allow gaming operators to monitor and administer gaming, support affiliate campaigns and build various reports (player and game statistics, money transfers, promotion campaign results tracking, etc.). The team performs integration tasks onsite.

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